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« on: July 10, 2016, 05:14:04 am »
Title says it all.

In case your mind needs a little help  ;).

In story mode you could steal a vehicle and at a generated random time the car alarm would go off and if any near by police you receive a wanted level.

And of course if there was a way to detect the engine state
Code: [Select]
if (player.Vehicle.EngineState == true );Then we wont run that script.
Just a wack modified what if of the code at

Now in a situation of using the Alarm in scripting would possibly be similar to
Code: [Select]
rand() and when that code is called a call back function could be made setting there wanted level in that call back etc,

But of course setting a code like
Code: [Select]
if (player.Vehicle.EngineState == true ); to validate the alarm as we do not want a player entering a already stolen vehicle and receiving an alarm

* I only fear it is not synced, but the cops detect it how ever it was scripted in story mode.
  So what ever is in the main.scm would give off clues I guess.
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