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1  Scripting / Script Releases / [Map Editor] Gamesparks' Map Editor on: June 26, 2014, 09:19:33 pm
What is this?
Well, since there is not a map editor for LU (that I know of), I've decided to work on one.
It's extremely simple, nothing too fancy, but does the job.
I didn't test it that much, only with myself (and rarely Thijn) so expect it not being perfect.
So, in simple terms: it's an object placement editor for LU that includes a map loader/saver so you can easily share maps with the community!

Can I have some pictures?

What did I just see?
What you saw was the in-game editor. It's quite easy to understand, and you'll be making maps in no time.
The commands are:

Code: [Select]
/addob <model id> - Creates an object.
/removeob <object id> - Removes an object.
/moveob <object id/exit> - Enters the editor.
/nearob <range> - Messages you all the objects within the range given.
/savemap <mapname> - Saves all the objects in the world into an XML file (so you can load later)
The editor has 5 control modes:
Code: [Select]
1 - X/Y object movement.
2 - Z object movement.
3 - X/Y object rotation.
4 - Z object rotation.
5 - Camera movement.
It also includes a "sensitivity" features that enables you to control the precision of the movement.

How do I load a custom map?
Alright, for this you need to understand how the XML files work with this script.
This is how the LOADER.xml should look like when you download the script:

Code: [Select]
<!-- This is the loader file. You can manually load your maps here./-->
<!-- Just add a new line inside the <loader></loader> with the following code: /-->
<!--Map name="file name here" /-->
    <Map name="example" />
All it's doing is loading the "example" map. Which in return looks like this:
Code: [Select]
    <Object model="1356" x="79.34" y="-960.147" z="25.66" rx="0" ry="0" rz="0" world="0" />
So all you have to do to install another map is to edit the LOADER.xml file by adding a new line with the map's name:
Code: [Select]
<!-- This is the loader file. You can manually load your maps here./-->
<!-- Just add a new line inside the <loader></loader> with the following code: /-->
<!--Map name="file name here" /-->
    <Map name="example" />
    <Map name="mynewmap" />
You'll need to have the mynewmap.xml file inside the "Maps/" directory and you're good to go :)

Map names must be one word ONLY.

Where do I get it?

How do I install it?
Simply drop everything into your server folder! And then edit your content.xml inside the LU folder.

  • If all you want is to load maps, simply load the MapLoader script.
  • If you want to be able to edit maps, load the MapEditor script.
(I highly recommend you not to load the MapEditor on public servers. I didn't add any restrictions. You have been warned.)

Thanks, and please let me know if it has some bugs, I will try to fix them :)
Happy mapping!
2  Servers / Advertise your server! / Gamesparks Revolution Roleplay on: July 02, 2012, 07:53:07 pm

Gamesparks Revolution is a brand new roleplay server comming to your LU client, soon. It is an innovative new roleplay gamemode of its own where you will have to build up your character in order to get well in "life". Lets say that you want to be a Police Officer. Sure! Why not? But in order to get that job you'll have to build up your driving skills, your shooting skills and your stamina! Many ways to do that, but I won't tell just yet, wait for the server release and see with your own eyes!

Gamesparks includes lots of roleplaying features for your likings: it has pretty much everything you'd want in order to roleplay! It has a complete vehicle system (ownership, fuel, engine, lights), a complete job system, a complete player system (clothes, gender, money, bank, EXP, skills, weapons, inventory and items, etc), and more but you get the point. There are plenty of features to list out, but we'd rather let you investigate and find them yourself!

ENOUGH! I want pictures!

And that's all we'll shout out. FOR NOW.

Script Developed by: Knucis & Thijn
Date of Release: Soon, very soon 8)
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