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1  Liberty Unleashed / LU Clans / [TZC] The Zaibatsu Commission on: April 04, 2011, 08:08:25 am

This clan comes from the GTA 2 gang named "The Zaibatsu Corporation", the name is getting old, so I planned to change the name, but still the same abbreviation, a popular gang in-game, but not a popular clan in GTA online gaming, but we still find ways to make it more popular. The Zaibatsu Commission [TZC] clan has started last year under the predecessor of the clan [Zaibatsu] from SA-MP. (The clan is still active but only in SA-MP and LU, but changed into [TZC] In LU.) The members are few, but we will still find ways to "grow" the clan's number of members. We are now recruiting members, so if you want to join, ask me, and we will let you in, but if you really want to be in our clan, change your name into [TZC]Name, example: [TZC]Stinger. Clan tags are important in our clan, so "wear" it at all times in our clan.

The Zaibatsu Commission Clan Information:

Clan Name:
[TZC] The Zaibatsu Commission

Clan Leader(s):

Clan Colors:
Black & White (Silver for Names [#c0c0c0]Name)

Clan Cars:
Zaibatsu Sentinel (Mafia Sentinel with Black/White colors)
Zaibatsu Stinger (Yakuza Stinger with Black/White colors)
Zaibatsu Cruiser (Cartel Cruiser with Black/White colors)

Clan Skins:

Clan Radio Stations:
MP3 Player
Rise FM

Clan Territories:
Atlantic Quays (Portland Island)
Bedford Point (Staunton Island)
Torrington (Staunton Island)
Cedar Grove (Shoreside Vale)
Pike Creek (Shoreside Vale)

Clan Bases:
Vincenzo Cilli's Warehouse (Portland Island)
Love Media Building (Staunton Island)
Cedar Mansion (Shoreside Vale)

Clan Server:

Clan Website:

Clan Member(s):

Clan Note(s):
This Clan is a Server-Exclusive Clan, this means that we only appear in one server listed above.

Clan Slogan:
"The Zaibatsu Commission: Respect is everything, Wealth is for everyone, and Power is earned everyday."

Join now and show off your skills in "The Zaibatsu Commission". We will wait for any GTA players to join.

Comment if you want to say something about our clan or if you want to join us.

Thank you for reading our topic.
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