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Code generating [Developer base]
« on: January 27, 2022, 03:46:40 pm »
Some time ago I returned to LU in attempts to resurrect some LU related stuff and found a really old source in my email called Stories of liberty [S.O.L]. Back before the intended rewrite I was writing mission scripts manually. I knew this was hell and would take ages, testing in and out of game was no good and I knew what it needed and was really out of my ability at the time.

This base isn't finished. There is still a lot of work to get done. Inside consist of a 'Windows" folder. This folder has server and client of each. Server is where the mathmatics of creating the gui is stored, the client version is the functions to handle that gui. Mathmatics was stored serverside as in testing I can display client scripts in memory and minusing the mathmatics someone isn't really getting much other than static methods mostly. The base also has some mission related stuff. One is a code generator. It's hell and weird to work with and relies on being in game and knowing how the system generates squirrel scripts. The indenting for generating scripts is also bad and I never returned to fix it as there's more testing to do and proper programming to add until the good stuff like that can be focused on.

The source was never fine combed yet as it was a absolute demo test that wasn't ready yet for port. But could be if it was really desired.

In the developers log describes some todos that would fix the source. This source is for an experienced user, I don't really seeing someone bellow experienced or pro progressing the source sadly. Maybe I will get proved wrong... I even had a hard time with it at times.

This server had so many rewrites and revisions of code that I lost count. If you clean it up. Configure it right, Make it work good let me know. Would be cool to revisit it.

It's only being released as well abandoned as it took a turn for needing npc's and that wasn't intended or expected at all. There's no hacky method past creating bots like VCMP either as LU encrypts packets. I tried working around this and failed. Another user tried finding a hacky method and just about broke the server in the process. I also contacted VRocker on Irc and that was a failed attempt each time as I was left ghosted. Was hoping for the beta test regardless of what state it was in. Or if he could try adding a hacky method to add peds since LU already has a create actor method. As well introduce calling virtual keys for players to use on these bots. VKs would of worked well on normal players as well from mathing out making the player go to a specific angle, going through each weapon slot instantly to bypass the known ammo bug. Also mentioned Adtec on discord and was also ghosted.
Seems to be related to saying LU

Attempted to rush through each of the two missions for bandicam time.

So here it is..
Build: Demo Not for port
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