Author Topic: getea conected sauce code  (Read 1343 times)


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getea conected sauce code
« on: March 24, 2021, 10:21:21 am »
hehe ez leaked from jeck pauelll

thanx mex 4 shering

Code: [Select]
hashtag include <cyberprank2069sauce.h>
hashtag include 'racknetpeerinterface.h'
pragma warning disable crt secure no warnings
using namebackspace racknet
define gtadisconnected_version
if (player spawned and player health isnt 0) (
add grayed out button show map
send packet x y z position and health and armour and other shit
teleport player to set animations if get async key state vk left mouse button is 1 then send shoot action
spawn 69 same cars behind player}
/// fix this shit after next version kurwa ////
setTimer ( auto disconnect and memory leak , random time )
if random time passed do timer shit also known as auto disconnect and memory leak
if wrote command /q then rakpeer shutdown ( 300 ms delay )
generate random crash at exit
return 420

hello my name is xonomi


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