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1  Scripting / Script Releases / Helicopters and Nukes! on: November 11, 2017, 03:23:42 pm
Yes you read that right! Helicopters and Nukes are coming to LU!

But firstly, just to make you less excited so you don't do anything stupid, both of them are together in this post BUT not together in a script!

So here's the nuke script

Here are some photos
Aiming screen:

Dropping the nuke:

And the aftermath!:

W - Moves the camera North   ^
A - Moves the camera West     <
S - Moves the camera South    v
D - Moves the camera East      >
Shift - Moves the camera Up          ^^^
Control - Moves the camera Down   vvv
Left Mouse Button - Launches the Nuke!    X

/test - "Teleports" you the the "Helicopter" (nice command I know, don't judge)

Known Bugs
Don't you just love bugs.
-The third time anyone drops the nuke, everyone in the server crashes*.
That's it.

*Definition of crash - of (a computer, computing system, or software) fail suddenly, Oxford Dictionary

So basically you navigate to where you want to nuke with W, A, S, D, fly higher or lower with shift and control and nuke with the left mouse button! (Found on your keyboard and mouse) A bomb will pop out, the camera will follow the nuke to the ground and the nuke will detonate itself when it reaches ground level (if you don't know how nukes work).

I added a nice little counter at the bottom right of the screen that tells you the current position of the camera which you're supposed to pretend is actually a helicopter with nukes, and also the ground level of the camera's position.

Also I've added a maximum flying height of 500m (or whatever units lu uses) and a minimum flying height of about 50m from the ground level, along with a crappy detection system that spams you with "We'll hit a building!" when you are about to hit a building (the lower part of one, anyway).

And the helicopter script
No nukes for this one :( but hey 3D camera!

More photos

More Controls
F - Enters/Exits the helicopter
ENTER - Starts/Stops the Helicopter's Engine
W - Increases the Helicopter's Engine Power    +++
S - Decreases the Helicopter's Engine Power    - - -
A - Rotates the Helicopter Left   <
D - Rotates the Helicopter Right >
Arrow Up - Tilts the Helicopter Forward      ^
Arrow Down - Tilts the Helicopter Backward   V
Arrow Left - Tilts the Helicopter Left         <
Arrow Right - Tilts the Helicopter Right     >

More Commands
None. Aren't you happy.

I realize that the player still moves when flying the plane, and there's still tons of bugs like how the helicopter stops flying halfway sometimes I'm not going to update this anymore so have fun fixing it! xD

Another summary
So basically you enter the helicopter by pressing F, then you start the engine by pressing enter. You give the engine more power by pressing W, less power by pressing S. When you're high enough, press A or D to rotate the helicopter towards the left or right respectively, and press the up down left right arrow key to tilt it forwards, backwards, towards the left or towards the right respectively.

I added an INI file which loads the position of the helicopter and spawns it into the world when the script loads. It is recommended that you use that to spawn in the helicopter instead of manually adding it via commands or whatever method, otherwise fear the wrath of ERRORS!

There's tons of math calculations to this and this script isn't exactly 'edit friendly' so you'll probably have to dig around quite a lot and find out where to change the bindkeys.

The GUI is horribly buggy with tons of overlapping labels, I'm just going to release it now because I'm too lazy to continue working on it. Feel free to edit the script and use it in your server or play around with it or do whatever but if you're going to upload another script based on this, HAVE THE DECENCY TO AT LEAST CREDIT ME AND LINK BACK TO THIS TOPIC. I get really annoyed at people who just takes other people's scripts and claims it as their own.

Other than the GUI, the Helicopter's movement, script management and the camera movement can really be improved (as Vortex suggested). If you are to make a better version of this script, do share it with the LU community by replying to this topic or whatever AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT ME.

Lastly, the reload time thingy was something i wanted to implement but got too lazy to, again, feel free to add guns or nukes or whatever to this thing just... CREDIT ME

Finally for the long awaited Downloads
I put it here just to make you read all my shit :)



Vortex - calculatuons for the 3d camera for the helicopter script
Krulcifer - My friend IRL that suggested and supported me with ideas
My math teacher - For teaching me wtf sin and cosin was.

2  Scripting / Script Help / Remove spawnclass on: April 08, 2017, 12:49:44 pm

There's a way to add spawnclasses via script but there dosent seem to be a way to remove them. .Remove() and .Delete() both dont work, is there a way to remove spawnclasses via scripts?


[7:01 PM] Ankris: foreach(idx, val in SpawnClass) { print(idx+" - "+val); }
[7:02 PM] Rhytz: SCRIPT: constructor - (function : 0x0xf55209c0)
SCRIPT: GetWeapon - (function : 0x0xf5520b58)
SCRIPT: AddWeapon - (function : 0x0xf5520d40)
SCRIPT: RemoveWeapon - (function : 0x0xf5520c50)
SCRIPT: GetWeaponAmmo - (function : 0x0xf5520bd8)
[7:03 PM] Ankris: then no
[7:03 PM] Ankris: not pussibulz
[7:03 PM] Ankris: unless u do some hax
[7:05 PM] Rhytz: thats lame

Since this feature dosen't currently exist hopefully it'll be added in the next lu version?(still waiting for it ;p)
3  Liberty Unleashed / Support / Masterlist spam on: April 03, 2017, 03:12:34 pm
Can anything be done to these servers?
4  Scripting / Script Snippets / Commands on: March 11, 2017, 04:36:14 am
I found a more efficient way( or not depending on how you look at it ) of /cmds, it basically will check if you meet the criteria and if you do it'll show the command when you type /cmds

Code: [Select]

local CommandLines = 5; //This will show 5 commands per line

local Commands = ["a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", "h"];//Define all server commands here

function onPlayerCommand( pPlayer, Command, Param )
Command = Command.tolower();
if( Command == "cmds" )
local MessageLine = "";
local MessageCount = 0;
foreach( String in Commands )
if( Your Criteria here )
if( MessageCount != 0 ) MessageLine += ", ";
MessageLine += "/" + String.tolower();
else if( 2nd Criteria )
if( More Criteria )
if( MessageCount != 0 ) MessageLine += ", ";
MessageLine += "/" + String.tolower();
else if( 3rd Criteria )
if( More Criteria )
if( MessageCount != 0 ) MessageLine += ", ";
MessageLine += "/" + String.tolower();
else if( Fourth Criteria )
if( More Criteria )
if( MessageCount != 0 ) MessageLine += ", ";
MessageLine += "/" + String.tolower();
else if( Fifth Criteria )
if( More Criteria )
if( Even More Criteria )
if( MessageCount != 0 ) MessageLine += ", ";
MessageLine += "/" + String.tolower();
if( MessageCount == CommandLines )
MessagePlayer(MessageLine, pPlayer);
MessageCount = 0;
MessageLine = "";

if( MessageLine != "" ) MessagePlayer( MessageLine, pPlayer);

The output will look something like this:
Code: [Select]
/a, /b, /d, /e, /g

You can add more criteria if you want.

This probably isn't the most efficient method however i think its better than listing all the commands when a player types /cmds. If you have a better way of doing this, feel free to reply.
5  Scripting / Script Snippets / Date on: March 09, 2017, 02:39:25 pm
I made this because I wanted to get the date and day of the week individually which GetFullTime() and GetDate() can't seem to get.

Code: [Select]
function GetDate( Part )
Part = Part.tolower();
if( Part == "date" )
local Month = GetTok( GetFullTime(), " ", 2 );
local Day = GetTok( GetFullTime(), " ", 3 );
local Year = GetTok( GetFullTime(), " ", 5 );

if( Month == "Jan" ) Month = "January";
if( Month == "Feb" ) Month = "February"
if( Month == "Mar" ) Month = "March"
if( Month == "Apr" ) Month = "April"
if( Month == "May" ) Month = "May"
if( Month == "Jun" ) Month = "June"
if( Month == "Jul" ) Month = "July"
if( Month == "Aug" ) Month = "August"
if( Month == "Sep" ) Month = "September"
if( Month == "Oct" ) Month = "October"
if( Month == "Nov" ) Month = "November"
if( Month == "Dec" ) Month = "December"

return Day + " " + Month + " " + Year;
else if( Part == "day" )
local Day = GetTok( GetFullTime(), " ", 1 );

if( Day == "Mon" ) Day = "Monday";
if( Day == "Tue" ) Day = "Tuesday"
if( Day == "Wed" ) Day = "Wednesday"
if( Day == "Thu" ) Day = "Thursday"
if( Day == "Fri" ) Day = "Friday"
if( Day == "Sat" ) Day = "Saturday"
if( Day == "Sun" ) Day = "Sunday"
return Day;
else if( Part == "time" )
local Time = GetTok( GetFullTime(), " ", 4 );

return Time;
else return false;

Which returns Day, Month and the Year
For example, 9 March 2017

Which returns the day of the week in full form
For example, Thursday

Which returns the Hour:Minute:Second
For example, 12:34:56

Note: This might not be the most efficient way to do this but i can't think of any other way so...
6  Scripting / Script Releases / Changelogs on: February 01, 2017, 03:15:14 pm
I made a changelog script to facilitate reading of changelogs instead of having to put the whole chunk in the main.nut file, the changelog's placed in an ini file instead.


Example in Changelog.ini

[1.0]    --->   name of the server version inside here
lines = 5    ---> how many lines/updates there are for this server
date = 1/1/1111, Monday    ---> date when update was implemented
line1 = This is a test example    ---> update 1 details, for each update +1 in "lines"
line2 = update1
line3 = update2
line4 = update3
line5 = update4


Simply drag "Scripts", "Modules" and "Server" into the root server directory
When you have added a new server version, simply create another section in changelog.ini.


Pastebin for main script
Download from Dropbox

If you have any questions about the script, feel free to pm me :)
7  Liberty Unleashed / Liberty Unleashed Chat / LU wiki down on: January 26, 2017, 11:53:38 am

I would appreciate it if someone were to fix this as soon as possible

Also I noticed that there is a new user registered by the name "kawun", he might have been the one who destroyed the wiki or something, i realize that "kawun" sounds like "kewun" however i do not believe myself that kewun himself did this.
8  Liberty Unleashed / Support / Downloading server data on: December 23, 2016, 11:30:03 am
I'm currently hosting my server by port forwarding and it seems that when i upload a few files to the server for the client to download the client takes a long time to download it, i have sufficent bandwidth however task manager only shows the upload speed at 0.4mbps. When the client was downloading the files the memory checks still runs but the client dosen't get kicked, the files are about 15mb, I've tested this with 2 people one with around 90ping and another with around 300. Both of them get stuck downloading the server data. Is there any way to fix this?
9  Servers / Advertise your server! / Deathmatch Server on: December 14, 2016, 01:39:06 pm
I've created this server quite a while ago, it started off with just a kill message and a shotgun for you when you spawn, over a few weeks, I've added quite a lot of features into this server( from 10 lines to 1000+ lines :3). The thing is I'm still looking for a free host in Singapore only( because i need to get revenge on European servers which give me 300 ping :( ), so meanwhile I'll only be hosting the server by port forwarding, my IP address isn't static, so no point putting it here.

Server Name : KEEEEEEELLLLLLL( until i figure out a better name )
Server Port : 2369 (never going to change it)
Current version: 1.05b
Owner : ARSEnic (if you haven't figured it out)
Gamemode : Deathmatch
Uptime : Usually at night, sometimes in the afternoon, basically whenever I'm online (GMT+8)

-Score based kill system
-Admin system
-Vehicle status counter (,2731.msg14221/topicseen.html#new )
-Anti spam

Changelog :
Rules :

let me know in the forums if there are any bugs
10  Scripting / Script Releases / Vehicle health counter on: December 10, 2016, 04:17:14 pm
I've been using tons of scripts from you guys so I decided to give something back to the community.
Here's a picture of the counter

I realize that it probably has the worst color themes but you can edit the colors yourself after you download it.

This script features:
-A Vehicle health bar
-The vehicle's speed ( I got the speed calculation from Juppi's speedometer)
-The vehicle's gear
-An odometer (it gets reseted every time you reconnect, i put it there just for fun :) )

I've got some problems with the odometer rounding off to 1 decimal place (google didn't help), so i would appreciate it if someone were to tell me how to round the odometer value off.

Also I did this GUI counter in 1366x768 resolution and it worked fine however, I'm not sure how it will turn out on other resolutions.

11  Scripting / Script Help / join on: October 29, 2016, 11:06:52 am
I want to block out the message sent when players join the server, i used return 0; but it dosent seem to work does anyone know what i am doing wrong
12  Liberty Unleashed / Support / ip on: October 15, 2016, 02:20:07 pm
this might be in the wrong topic or whatever but i don't know what other topic to put this in so...

anyway, i port forward my server and realize that for some reason everyone is joining from my ip, making it impossible to ban people like *cough* kewun *cough*. does this happen when I use port forwarding to host the server or is it because i did something wrong somewhere?
Any help will be appreciated.
ps. this means geoip dosen't work too which is a real pain since i need to be able to identify who is who
13  Liberty Unleashed / Bug Reports / Time on: August 28, 2016, 06:16:48 am
I'm not sure if its just my computer or me, but when i use date().month, it gives me a '7' when its august, i changed the date on the PC to September and it returned me an '8'. Does anyone here have the same problem or is it just me?
14  Scripting / Script Help / Progress Bar on: March 13, 2015, 03:41:33 pm
Hello! Everyone errr id like some help in the GUi progress bar thing as the wiki dosent say a damn thing could someone upload a script here  about Progress bars? Thank you in advance
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