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1  Off Topic / General Chat / Questions for a feature project. on: February 04, 2018, 01:19:51 pm
Hello everyone.

My name is Lucian and I'm 26 .
I'm looking on this forum cuz I was thinking to change the game.
I developed a SA:MP server about 3 years and after all work I was dissapointed by no players on the server cuz there are many other servers old who works fine and a new one die from the beggining.
I tryed yesterday gta 3 multiplayer on LU servers and I saw there are no RPG/RP/Real Life servers wich are the most cool,funny and workfull servers.
From here my questions are:

1. If I'l start a new big project for a server RPG, will be a good ideea?

2. How many players I can wait to login?

3. How many slots is maximum fot a LU server?

4. There is any good scripter on LU forum who can help me or work with me? (If you have your own server workfull, I can support with money to keep it alive hosted +website/forum/panel)

5. Can I make a database mysql wich can save datas every player logout?

6. There are functions for an RPG server as /startwork /sellproperty /buycar /buyhouse and more?

7. Whay system is required to a dedicate server to can handle the maximim number of players? (Ramm/cpu/hdd/etc)

8. Would you like to see this project alive,functional and without bugs?

Thanke you for your time for answering to my questions.
I'm excited to find this LU forum and to start a good project just for fun.
Wish you all the best guys.
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