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1  Liberty Unleashed / LU Clans / [sW] Silent Warriors on: February 21, 2011, 07:28:46 am

Hello Liberty Unleashed Users I Am Yoshi And Today I Bring To You Silent Warriors [sW] This Clan Is Widely Known In SA:MP Server Ultimative Gamers Playground Having 70+Players And Know I Have Been Gaven Permission To Bring It Over Here And Cross Over To LU By Its Owners Colazero And Jay We Own Salvatore's House(Our Clan Base) And Our Primary Car Of Choice Is The Mafia Senitiel We Are Active Peaceful And Reserved Players Who Don't Like To Start A Clan War But When We Have To We Will Fight To The Death. We Are In The Unied Alliance of Portland (UAOP) Our Leaders For SAMP: Jay And Colazero(Founders of sW) And Of LU:Yoshi Below I Will Leave Our Forum For SAMP and LU We Hope You Come Yo Our Forums And Join Us.


None (Yet.)

MIRC Channels:
SAMP: /j #sW
LU: /j #sW.LU

SAMP Clan Forum:
LU Clan  Forum:
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