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Title: [Official] Basemode 1.1 Server [LU-DM TEAM]
Post by: Stoku on January 24, 2019, 02:58:43 pm
The official server with my Basemode (attack and defence) gamemode! The server is running most up to date Basemode (check here! (,3034.msg15404.html#msg15404)) with unreleased patches and fixes.

The accounts and statistics are ready for tests!

The gamemode contains:

- complete AAD logic (timeout, killed all players, picked up the base, draws),
- 20 unique bases,
- 1 spawn for attackers,
- 1 closed lobby,
- well balanced weapons system to make every weapons useful, to avoid shotgun only fights or M16. Every weapon is powerful here and has it pros and cons,
- only attackers can enter vehicles and this is a basic the idea of AAD,
- player commands: /help, /info, /kill, /t - teamchat, /switch
- a teamchat on "Y" key,
- F1 help menu.,
- accounts and statistics system.


1.1 beta (WIP, unreleased):
- accounts and statistics!
- bugfixes
- added FBI and Cop car on the attackers spawn
- added some new team messages

1.0 Final (WIP, unreleased):
- fixed fast messages [1-6 binds] spamming when teamchat open
- fixed anti-afk killing defenders
- fixed teamchat on [Enter] key and added new messages ("Go, go, go!" and "Roger that!")
- fixed "mission passed" song in some cases
- added "empty" weapons slots
- added sound on player join
- fixed radio not being played in cars
- fixed /kill, which now forces spawnscreen instead of killing
- fixed script reloading (no need to reconnect anymore)
- redone /switch to force spawnscreen
- added F1 - help menu

Name: [Official] Basemode 1.1 Server [LU-DM TEAM]
Slots: 32
Gamemode: Basemode (AAD)
Script author: Stoku
Server owners: LU-DM Team
Official LU release topic: [url],3034.msg15404.html#msg15404[/url] ([url],3034.msg15404.html#msg15404[/url])
My GitHub: [url][/url] ([url][/url])


Early beta gameplay: (

Big thanks to:
- NC (testing and help)
- Gudio (testing, help and hosting)
- Mr. Sych (my best friend forever, also tester)
- Piterus (testing)
- rww (testing)
- Xenon (testing and hosting)
- Jabu (hosting beta server and testing)
- LU-DM Team for help with tests and hosting
- Liberty City Killers clan :)
and everyone which I've forgot - feel free to remind me!