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Title: Hey everybody!
Post by: Vortrex on July 28, 2017, 09:04:01 pm
So, a few days ago, Kewun threatened me on my LU roleplay server, saying he would keep crashing the players on it.
After 10 minutes of terrorizing my server, I patched all the tricks he tried in an hour of scripting, and he is afraid to join now.

I had 8 players on yesterday for a couple of hours, while he sat alone in his server.
Just thought everyone should know.

And Kewun, since I know you're reading this: Like I told you before, I am the best.
You were lucky not to have dealt with me as a server owner before. You messed with all
the other servers but never had to face mine. Now that you have, I've put you in your place.
Please, find more hacks so I can fix them too.
Title: Re: Hey everybody!
Post by: Vortrex on July 29, 2017, 12:14:34 am


Kewun, this is exactly what you said about the hacks you've already tried.
You said that I'd never be able to fix them. You were wrong.

You're starting to get very nervous. I am a threat to your hacking.
Now I have you backed into a corner, right where I want you.