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Title: Remove spawnclass
Post by: ARSEnic. on April 08, 2017, 12:49:44 pm (

There's a way to add spawnclasses via script but there dosent seem to be a way to remove them. .Remove() and .Delete() both dont work, is there a way to remove spawnclasses via scripts?


[7:01 PM] Ankris: foreach(idx, val in SpawnClass) { print(idx+" - "+val); }
[7:02 PM] Rhytz: SCRIPT: constructor - (function : 0x0xf55209c0)
SCRIPT: GetWeapon - (function : 0x0xf5520b58)
SCRIPT: AddWeapon - (function : 0x0xf5520d40)
SCRIPT: RemoveWeapon - (function : 0x0xf5520c50)
SCRIPT: GetWeaponAmmo - (function : 0x0xf5520bd8)
[7:03 PM] Ankris: then no
[7:03 PM] Ankris: not pussibulz
[7:03 PM] Ankris: unless u do some hax
[7:05 PM] Rhytz: thats lame

Since this feature dosen't currently exist hopefully it'll be added in the next lu version?(still waiting for it ;p)
Title: Re: Remove spawnclass
Post by: Nguyenez on July 06, 2018, 07:05:45 am
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