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1  Off Topic / General Chat / 3D art? Anything about it here (you can post here pics of your own 3D works too) on: February 17, 2009, 05:07:04 pm
To be honest, I F*CKING LOVE VEHICLES, DRAWN IN 3D ENVIROMNENT!!! So I started learning Z-Modeler - my 1st try to make something in 3D space. After reading tutorials and trying many things my self, I came up with the idea to create a mesh of a classic sports car that doesn't exist in the real world - only in my imaginations. 1st I imagined and "created" the car inside my head. Then I created the 3D mesh in Z-Modeler. Finally, I made some textures with Photoshop and assigned them over the created mesh.
You can see it here
Hope you like it ^^

And another thing - I'm still trying to come up with a name for this ride. Any ideas?

2  Off Topic / General Chat / Show off your desktops on: January 19, 2009, 10:02:34 am
The name of the topic tells perfectly what you have to do :P

Here is mine
3  Off Topic / General Chat / New year comming to town!!! on: December 31, 2008, 10:14:00 pm
Holy cow! What I'm doing in the front of the PC in such a hour??! It's 23:14 Bulgarian time, dudes (and chicks, if there are any girls in this forum :P )! So my point was to greet ya for the whole brand new year (I said it cool, don't I :D ), which is coming in less than a hour, before I go somewhere and forget about anything connected to forums and etc.
Anyway, let's cut the bulls*it here and go to the main part of this topic.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. It's new year, new luck. Stay cool ;-)
4  Off Topic / Spam / Let's make this forum more active! on: September 13, 2008, 10:02:46 pm
You are a member of LU?
You noticed how unactive is the LU's forum and you want to change that?
OK! Today is your lucky day (or night, cuz right now in my country is 23:00) because your favourite ninja has an extra smart idea!
Just post a random swear to a random user in this topic and you'll make this forum active!

Here is our special promotion!! ONLY THE FIRST 100000000 USERS WHO SWEAR TO AN ADMIN WILL GET THE SPECIAL REWARD - AN IP BAN!!! Yes, you heard it well - a shiny-miny-biny IP BAN all yours FOR FREE!
Don't miss your chance - make this forum active!!!  ;)

5  Off Topic / General Chat / Your FanFics on: November 30, 2007, 01:10:26 pm
Here you can post stories that you thinked up your self. I think I'll think up some GTA story when I have some time but for now I can post only this.

The ghosts' house

Yugi and her children Harry and Potter lived in a big house, near Hoguarts - the school for dorks. The house was always dark because the family never paid any electricity bills.
One night Yugi heared a gun bangs, coming from the toilet. Yugi fast claimbed up stairs and opened the door of the toilet and saw Harry inside. She said "Harry, did you played with the gun again?! I told you that the rest of the family, the cockroaches, is living here! You could hurt someone!". Then Harry replyed "But mummy *;-)* I wasn't playing! I have a diarrhoea again and this time it's so strong that it blewed the toilet and killed all the cockroaches! I'm sorry!". Yugi killed Harry.
The next night Potter didn't want to sleep. He was thinking abou his brother Harry. "Mummy, do you think that in the Other world there will be enought spare toilets for Harry? He always blewed up our toilets when he was alive." Yugi replyed "Stop talking about your brother or I'll call Frankenstein, who eats human brains!". Then Potter said that he isn't afraid of Frankenstein, but his mom showed him a mirror. Then a deafening scream made everyone freeze momentaly.

*We interupt this program to show you some ads!*
If you don't want to end up like Harry, drink AntiDiarrhoea! Only 50$ for a pill. AntiDiarrhoea - protecting your live! CAUTION - The product is made in China and any unusually effects are possible! Use it at your own risk!
*We are back to the movie!*

Petter saw something terible in the mirror! It was a green creature that copied every movement he does! When he saw the scary creature in the mirror, Potter died immediatly! Then Yugi was very happy, because she got rid of those pests. But that didn't help! The ghost of Harry said that he will never leave the house, until he "detonate" 10000000000000000000 more toilets and Potter's ghost screamed every time when he look in the mirror! In the top of that Yugi wasn't able to die and rest in peace because she was a mummy. The family lived very "happy" until the End of the World came!

Happy end!

I thinked it up when my english teacher said that for home work we must think up a ghost story. Everyone wrote a real ghost story but I was the only 1 that wrote a horror-comedy.

Now post some of your FanFics! I think it would be cool!
6  Off Topic / Spam / Kill Bill on: November 11, 2007, 11:50:21 am
I ...... WANT ...... TO KILL ...... BILL! That bastard made my PC suffer from his Microsoft Windows Updates. He is crazy! My PC was oparating with Windows 2000 and once I updated it to 2000 Pro SP4 the viruses started to come in. I wasn't able to kill those viruses kuz they were viruses from the Windows 2000 updates that I downloaded from with a mind that my system will run better when I'm updating it. But no! That stupid updates ruined the whole OS!!! And the only way to get rid of 'em was 1 DOS command "format c:". Yes I formated the first partition (I have 2 partitions on my HDD - C and D. The first is only for Windows and program files and the second 1 is for all of my downloads and games). After that I installed Windows XP Professional 2002 and I'LL NEVER INSTALL MICROSOFT UPDATES ON IT. IS FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYONE - DON'T UPDATE YOUR WINDOWS!!!

The second problem was that Windows XP wasn't able to identify my LAN card so I wasn't online for few days. But now I'm with a new LAN card and Windows XP :)

BTW, what happend 'till my PC was down?
7  Off Topic / General Chat / Everyday's music greets on: September 28, 2007, 08:52:38 pm
Hey dudes I was thinkin' will be cool if  we share greets using sounds (if you can get waht I'm talking about ;) )!

So here is my greeting to all here!

Slayer - Raining blood
Style: Metal
Listen from here
8  Off Topic / Spam / The end of the world (probably the vacancy) is comming on: September 12, 2007, 10:00:50 am
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 15th September is comming and then the school will start! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  :'(
9  Off Topic / Spam / I'm banned on: September 08, 2007, 01:39:43 pm
Yeah really I'm banned... for nothing. I have an account in 1 forum named SonicOnTheNet and 1 of the admins baned me kuz I didn't do anything but he thinks that I did many horable things to SonicOnTheNet. That's why I'm really pissed of all admins that thinks that they can ban anyone without reason. And I'm gonna shoot him in the head if he don't unBAN me soon. And not only that! I'm gonna SPAM his e-mail too!!!!!!!!!!
10  Off Topic / General Chat / The ulltimate forum about land vehicles and simulations on: August 15, 2007, 04:39:49 pm
Hey there! I have 1 forum. It's about vehicles and games with vehicles. It's an vehicle encyclopedy too. Here is a link:

Do you know how can I make my forum more visible. How can I add it's URL in searchbots and what should if I want to advertise it someware for free?
11  Liberty Unleashed / Suggestions / Team play suggestion on: August 15, 2007, 10:31:38 am
LOL! Can I ask ya for 1 extra:
Actually before starting playing you must select your team (cop, mafia, triads...). And if someone want to get in a vehicle that is driving by his teammate, he is not gonna kick his teammate from the car, he is gonna sit in 1 of the other free seats. Can you release this extra?

Moved: Post has been moved as it seems more of a suggestion than a comment on the dev blog.
12  Off Topic / General Chat / The best GTA parodys ever on: August 14, 2007, 09:41:45 pm
I love parodys. Here is my small collection:

Here are others:

If you know other pls post a link here
13  Liberty Unleashed / Liberty Unleashed Chat / Can I run this multiplayer mod? on: August 14, 2007, 02:37:06 pm
Hi there! I'm new here and I want to ask you something. Can I run this multiplayer support mod without any lagg? Here's my hardware configuration:
CPU: Pentium3 550Mhz
GPU: nVIDIA Riva TNT2 Model64 with 16Mbt
RAM: 256Mbt
OS: Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 1

Here's my net speed:
I'm from Bulgaria (a small country in south-east Europe)
Testspeed to Palo Alto/CA/USA: DL-~500kbps; UL~350kbps
Testspeed to Miami/FL/USA: DL-~690kbps; UL~560kbps
Doctor Ping
Pingtest: 12pings; 98 of 103 IPs reached
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