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1  Scripting / Script Snippets / Re: Custom Text Encryption Algorithm on: June 03, 2017, 12:54:37 am
This is actually really cool.

To save this from someone cracking. I would just add a line to implement one of the hashing module. WHIRLPOOL etc :)

Example :)

Code: [Select]
function KEW1(name)
    local length = name.len();
    for (local i=0;i<length;i++)
        /* A lot of code was hear */
    return MD5(name);

Returns: "b9f7b1f682df1baf92780b22ebc10d2b"
MD5 on a normal lol: 9cdfb439c7876e703e307864c9167a15

None the less now a salting method
2  Liberty Unleashed / Support / Re: My lu client doesnt launch gta. on: March 23, 2017, 08:21:09 pm
Last check would be to see if you happened to copy and paste the lu client files to your gta3 folder?

My only easy suggestion would be to uninstall LU and reinstall it.

Also what operating system do you have? Windows XP is not supported, And anything else bellow windows 10 requires a lot of updates to the os
3  Liberty Unleashed / Support / Re: My lu client doesnt launch gta. on: March 21, 2017, 12:44:32 pm
Did you use the official download?

Is your gta3 modded?

And it does launch story mode just fine?

Do you get any errors like

Can not locate lu.dll

If it just doesn't do nothing at all I would like to request a screenshot of your gta3 game folder.

I will do what I can to help you :)
4  Scripting / Script Help / Using 'loops' in a Class on: February 21, 2017, 03:30:51 am
I wanted to ask a general programing question that has had me puzzled still to this day, Even while studying C++.

Is it bad to run a while loop, Or any loop for that mater anywhere within a class?

I am sure that 'maybe' it depends on the programing language.

I find using a loop inside a class to be highly useful in general, I do not see it being a bad thing what so ever, But I could see where it could. Just curious honestly  :)
5  Scripting / Script Help / Re: How do i add cmds to a server on: February 19, 2017, 03:01:10 am
I coded this out of randomness. :P
A cmd is noting but a function that you can call at anytime, but typically LU server owners use it for players or admin usage.

Banning players, Spawning cars etc etc..

I do not know your previous knowledge of any programing, So I am sorry if you are clueless to this
Code: [Select]
class Char_Class
A = 0;
B = 0;
C = 0;
}; //Just a random class

function onPlayerCommand(player, cmd, text)
    if ( cmd == "cmd1")
    Random_Char <- [ "A", "B", "C" ];
    Random_Char_Class_ID <- array(2); //Starts from zero not 1
count <- 0;

while(count !=3)
print( "The character of " + Random_Char[count] + " class ID: \n" + count );

if ( count == 3) // Last check
        print( Random_Char[count] ); // Shows the listed Char
Random_Char_Class_ID[count] = Char_Class(); //Sets the class according to the ID of the character
return true;
return true;
    return true;
Wasn't trying to be fancy, Haven't touched squirrel in some time...
6  Liberty Unleashed / Suggestions / Re: Passagers can shoot inside the car on: February 02, 2017, 12:35:06 am
I am not really sure how the developers would go about it but people in VCMP have talked about this as well. So if they find out a way the LU developers can hear about it hopefully :)

Now I am only currently learning C++ so I am a noob  :P

But I would assume, This :

My only thought would be to see if there is a pointer/memory address that the developers could code to. This would be the address that allows the driver to aim left or right and then shoot.

But their could be many bugs to doing this. From the driver possibly dyeing and any passenger getting set to the driver "Then if their is more than one passenger then they all die", You never know; I am just saying their could be some nasty bugs.

And to find that address yikes...

Thats like trying to find out if their is a memory address in Cheat Engine when a Character shoots at the windshield.

My only suggestion to any of this would have to be the fact that since their is already files added to the GTA III Directory for LU just add some more to make modifying the game easier :)

But still I am noobish with learning C++ with how it works and it's usage, their might be a better method all in general.

It's just a thought and output for a possible how to for the devs :)
7  Liberty Unleashed / Liberty Unleashed Chat / Re: Wine Now supports! on: January 28, 2017, 11:48:44 pm
Sorry :)

I have always preferred to call it by the last decimal digits.

I will change it over to ''.

It's a big success for LU :)
8  Liberty Unleashed / Liberty Unleashed Chat / Re: scam by Vrocker on: January 14, 2017, 02:11:39 pm
I wish their were a way of a automatic setup.

^That would be very nice and easier for Vrocker.

Sometimes I get refunded automatically if I get no response, Still awaiting my response for my simple starter server.
9  Liberty Unleashed / Suggestions / Re: Peds in LU + Some GGM stuff on: January 12, 2017, 04:43:04 am
Actually the debated Police would help servers with no players.

Scripters could work together 'Something I would love to see' to help find ways of making any server interesting with endless action gameplay.

I could play on a server for fun with no players fighting off police. I happen to be one of the players that is staying active, Another player see's me active so they join that server, Then another player see's two people on a server their is your next join. Again and again.

The idea is not dumb. Just a negative perspective outlook on it is dumb..
10  Liberty Unleashed / Support / Re: Lu doesnt open,doesnt resport.Help on: January 08, 2017, 03:38:24 pm
Yes I have had this problem.

I stated in a post that was about the masterlist that if I click history, press through manually on each previous server, then go to official "Theres nothing at official', Once thats loaded go to the actual masterlist and I typically do not have this problem.

I would like to assume it works 75 percent of the time because:

You have already updated on your part some of the servers that are supposed to be in the masterlist on your side, Clicking official helps contact the actual masterlist without the browser working to hard to make contact, then it's a hit or miss typically once you click the actual masterlist. It atleast works fine for me.

I am operating under wine, So the browser can be a nightmare on my part.

When I do this method and it does not work I typically hurry up and shut down the browser.

*If someone could confirm this works the same in Microsoft Windows that would be nice to know  :)
11  Off Topic / Spam / Re: Merry xmas LU forum! on: December 25, 2016, 09:11:50 pm
Merry Christmas!!!
12  Liberty Unleashed / Bug Reports / Re: Master list quite unresponsive on: December 22, 2016, 10:56:33 pm
I have done a lot of personal testing on the browser,

I have NEVER seen the browser act this way.

I have gotten a failed to connect to ip as soon as I double click the browser 'Can not keep that message up'.

100% of the time I can never fully connect to the master-list, I have to click LAN then history manually go threw history then the master-list, Majority of the time I can not open the master-list it results in a forced shut down of the browser.

Only luck within ^ that method, I guess it helps build memory of what the master-list already has?.. no clue..

Can we share IP's hear? Once completed create a new topic of the Server IP'S, And if Theremin starts the topic, If you have a server add it to that topic and await for Theremin to add it to his post then delete the your post to keep the topic clean?

This is terribly sad guys..
13  Liberty Unleashed / Bug Reports / Re: gta ru crc check {idk if it is a bug} on: December 18, 2016, 02:44:17 pm
Try to restart your pc,

Once restarted, Make sure you do not have any Internet programs ruining, Maybe your anti-virus is eating up Internet, Or you have a driver updater, Also Skype really messes up MP game-play shut that off too if it appears to be running in the background. Or anything that could be requiring Internet.

That was my issues in XP days.
14  Liberty Unleashed / Support / Re: GTA.RU freeroam server on: December 18, 2016, 01:51:53 pm
There is no Anti cheat to the server..

So more than likely your client is timing out due to a poor connection.

I Did some testing with LU long ago, And for some odd reason if you keep repeatedly taping Tab while joining during a connection that typically takes to long to connect you will have a less chance of getting "Can not connect to server", "Client Timeout".

I guess when pressing Tab LU calls for some type of refresh rate of some sort, IDK it's defiantly something.

Try this when you connect or reconnect on a bad connection to a server, Once the server begins loading you don't need to do it anymore..
15  Liberty Unleashed / Support / Re: GTA.RU freeroam server on: December 18, 2016, 08:32:23 am
I have always had bad ping issues with this server, I can never kill anyone either, That's like yesterday I shot someone in the head with 60 rounds with the M16 and nothing. They shoot me one time and i am dead.

I don't know the issue to it with the server, The server has always appeared to have a bad ping kick, Therefore I would like to think it's a host issue. As the server CZ was somewhere close to that region, And worst server I do not typically have any issues, Worst server is also in that region.

I am coming close to a decent base build for a DM, Really basic DM and I plan to find a host that is close to everyone. At least that's what I am aiming for.

So you are not the only one to deal with bad ping Internet issues with the server...
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