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1  Scripting / Script Releases / Re: IrcX 1.0 on: December 16, 2010, 01:50:29 pm
in 4 or 5 hours. I'll be working.  :) new version: 1.1
2  Scripting / Script Releases / IrcX 1.0 on: December 16, 2010, 05:54:04 am
IrcX 1.0 by [R3V]PlayerX

Max Connection: 5 bots


IRC_isVoice(channel, user)                      // return 0 or 1
IRC_isHalfop(channel, user)                    // return 0 or 1
IRC_isOp(channel, user)                         // return 0 or 1
IRC_isProtect(channel, user)                   // return 0 or 1
IRC_isOwner(channel, user)                    // return 0 or 1
IRC_isBotConnected(botid)                      // return 0 or 1
IRC_say(botid, target, message)
IRC_notice(botid, target, message)
IRC_action(botid, target, message)
IRC_joinChannel(botid, channel, password)
IRC_leaveChannel(botid, channel, message)
IRC_isUserOnChannel(channel, user)        // return 0 or 1 (possible bug)
IRC_setMode(botid, target, mode, params [optional])
IRC_getUserLevel(channel, user)              // return ~, &, @, %, + or -
IRC_inviteUser(botid, channel, user)
IRC_kickUser(botid, channel, user, reason)
IRC_getChannelUserList(botid, channel)    // return list
IRC_setChannelTopic(botid, channel, message)
IRC_sendRaw(botid, params)
IRC_connect(server, port, botname, realname [optional], username [optional]) // return bot id
IRC_quit(botid, message [optional])
IRC_getBotName(botid)                          // return bot name
IRC_getBotUsername(botid)                   // return user name
IRC_getBotRealname(botid)                    // return real name
IRC_registerEvent(event, switch)  


IRC_onDisconnect(botid, reason)
IRC_onJoinChannel(botid, channel)
IRC_onLeaveChannel(botid, channel, message)
IRC_onUserJoinChannel(botid, channel, user, host)
IRC_onUserLeaveChannel(botid, channel, user, host, message)
IRC_onUserDisconnect(botid, user, host, message)
IRC_onUserNickChange(botid, host, oldnick, newnick)
IRC_onUserSetChannelMode(botid, channel, user, host, mode, params)
IRC_onUserSetChannelTopic(botid, channel, user, host, topic)
IRC_onUserSay(botid, recipient, user, host, message)
IRC_onUserNotice(botid, recipient, user, host, message)
IRC_onUserDescribe(botid, recipient, user, host, message)
IRC_onUserKicked(botid, channel, user, host, kicked, message)
IRC_onReceiveRaw(botid, message)

Note: if there is a bug, let me know. do not forget to add in the credits.

Download IrcX 1.0

Support: - #playerx // For players who speak Spanish:: & #playerx
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