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1  Liberty Unleashed / Liberty Unleashed Chat / DEV POLL: Do you still use XP? on: July 09, 2014, 01:43:34 am
In April, Microsoft announced that Windows XP had reached the end of its life and would no longer receive support, nor would it continue to be updated to patch vulnerabilities and stability issues.

Windows XP was first released in August 2001 and is now nearly 13 years old. With that, XP is simply too old to continue to support. Therefore, the VC:MP and LU development teams are considering dropping support for Windows XP due to the benefits of doing so.

By dropping XP support, we can use more recently released compilers and development toolkits that support various optimizations that would have performance benefits. Moreover, because no development is done on Windows XP, and is now largely done on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 machines, we will be able to better diagnose and resolve issues that users may be having. We can also use newer APIs available in Windows Vista and above that do not exist in XP.

These are not the only reasons for us to drop support for XP, but they are significant reasons. However, we would like to make sure that the community we're developing for will not be largely affected by such a move; if many players are still on Windows XP, we will indefinitely postpone any plans to phase out support for it. Otherwise, we will continue to do so.

To help us better understand how many players would be affected by the withdrawal of support for Windows XP, please answer the poll above.
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4  Scripting / Module Releases / Improved Hashing Module on: January 06, 2013, 09:20:08 am
Stormeus' Improved Hashing ( lu_hashing2 )

This module is an improvement and a variant of Liberty Unleashed's lu_hashing module, which ships with the server. This version offers a wider variety of hashing functions which are more secure, while still offering backward-compatibility by allowing the use of the SHA1 and (insecure!!) MD5 algorithms.

Acceptable for password hashing and storage
  • SHA224( szString )
  • SHA256( szString )
  • SHA384( szString )
  • SHA512( szString )
  • RIPEMD128( szString )
  • RIPEMD160( szString )
  • RIPEMD256( szString )
  • RIPEMD320( szString )
  • WHIRLPOOL( szString )
NOT acceptable for password hashing and storage.
  • SHA1( szString )

    Algorithmically weak and contains weaknesses that make it relatively easy to crack. This function is only provided for backwards-compatibility. If you are creating a new script, DO NOT USE THIS.

  • MD5( szString )

    MD5 has flaws in its algorithm that allows it to be broken relatively easily. This function is only provided for backwards-compatibility. If you are creating a new script, DO NOT USE THIS.

  • base64_encode( szString )
    base64_decode( szString )

    base64 is easily encoded and decoded. Storing passwords with base64 is not recommended ever because it is extremely easy to reverse.

Extract lu_hashing2.dll/so to your Modules folder. Place this line of code somewhere in onScriptLoad:
     LoadModule( "lu_hashing2" );

Windows binary [.dll]
Linux binary [.so]
Source code

Test script [.nut]

5  Liberty Unleashed / Suggestions / Set Client-Side Weather on: March 28, 2012, 01:37:28 am
Title says it all, it'd be cool if there were a SetWeather/GetWeather function in client-side scripts.
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8  Liberty Unleashed / Suggestions / Set Weather for Player on: December 05, 2011, 07:45:14 am
Adding a function, like a client-side SetWeather or SetWeatherForPlayer would be pretty cool, and would be helpful for some scripts I'd like to make.
9  Scripting / Module Releases / Juppi's MySQL Module (lu_mysql) on: November 19, 2011, 07:21:39 am
MySQL ( lu_mysql )

This is a re-release of Juppi's lu_mysql module, which was never formally released. The module would allow you to connect to any MySQL database on any server, unlike SQLite, which restricts you to databases in the server folder. This module can allow you to update stats on a website, while maintaining another database on your server.

The only difference between this and Juppi's original code is a courtesy loading message, two more exceptions for connection failures, and it's been recompiled to work properly. The original module seemed to not compile correctly, and trying to use it would always result in a "Failed to retrieve UserData"

All the credit should go to Juppi for coding the vast majority of this great module. The list of functions provided are:
  • mysql_connect( szHost, szUsername, szPassword, szDatabase, iPort )
  • mysql_close( pConnection )
  • mysql_query( pConnection, szQuery )
  • mysql_num_rows( pResult )
  • mysql_num_fields( pResult )
  • mysql_fetch_row( pResult )
  • mysql_fetch_assoc( pResult )
  • mysql_fetch_lengths( pResult )
  • mysql_free_result( pResult )
  • mysql_errno( pConnection )
  • mysql_error( pConnection )
  • mysql_ping( pConnection )
  • mysql_escape_string( pConnection, szString )
  • mysql_select_db( pConnection, szDatabase )
  • mysql_change_user( pConnection, szUser, szPassword )
  • mysql_warning_count( pConnection )
  • mysql_affected_rows( pConnection )
  • mysql_insert_id( pConnection )
  • mysql_info( pConnection )

Some functions are already on the wiki.

Extract lu_mysql.dll/so to your Modules folder, and libmysql.dll to the same folder as the server (if you're using Windows). Load the module and you should be good to go.

Windows Binary
Linux Binary (MySQL 5.1)
Linux Binary (MySQL 5.5)

Source Code
10  Scripting / Module Releases / Password Strength Checker on: November 17, 2011, 01:29:43 am
Password Strength Check Module ( mod_password )

A quick module I wrote from the Global Watchlist source code, this module connects to Google's password rating API to rate a password's strength. It's very simple, and consists of only one function.

int GetPasswordStrength( string password, [bool ignoreLength [, string userName]] )
password     - The password, as a string
ignoreLength - If true, password length is not checked. (Optional and false by default.)
userName     - The username, which can be used for additional security checks. (Optional)

The function returns an integer from 0-4, or null if an error occurs. The ratings are as follows:
  • 0 - Too short.
  • 1 - Insecure.
  • 2 - Okay.
  • 3 - Good.
  • 4 - Excellent.

Download (revision 2)
Combined Package (Linux, Source, and Windows in one ZIP)

Revision 1
Combined Package (Linux, Source, and Windows in one ZIP)
11  Liberty Unleashed / Liberty Unleashed Chat / [Serv Owners] Player Watchlist on: November 14, 2011, 11:34:21 pm
Global Player Watchlist

KAS, Unknowmplayer

What is this?
This is a list of players and IPs that server owners should look out for. This
list is mainly for frequent hackers/cheaters, bug abusers, and server crashers
so other server owners can keep an eye out.

Why do we need this?
Generally, as a community, server owners should be able to look out for each
other. If someone wants to ruin the game for everyone else, we should be able
to effectively look out for them.

How can I check the watchlist from my server?
Force, with AdTec_224 and VRocker, have created a module that allows you to check the watchlist from within your scripts and is available here.

How do I report someone?
PM me (DO NOT POST REPORTS HERE) with their nicknames, IP addresses,
and reasons for putting them on the watchlist. If enough valid reports are given,
they'll be added to the watchlist.

I'm on the watchlist. How do I get off?
Start behaving and get a positive reputation. If you stay clean for a while,
you'll likely be removed. If you continue to cause trouble, you'll be re-added.

Nicknames           IPs           Reasons           Recommendations       
Patashnik (?) crashing LU servers.
Exploiting server bugs.
Subnet ban - 46.72.*.*

Nicknames           IPs           Reasons           Recommendations       
[MS]Google95.55.78.56Airbrake/gravity hacksWatch for player and any signs of hacks
12  Scripting / Scripting Discussion / [WIP] In-Game Object Mapper on: November 11, 2011, 11:25:10 pm
Since there isn't an in-game mapping tool for LU, I decided I'd script one using GUI elements and client/server interaction. Because of that, I will not answer questions about "why it lags when I try to put it on my server." It'll work best only on your localhost ( Also, minimum game resolution is going to be 1024x768, but I'm pretty sure no one in this day and age plays at anything below that.

The entire script resides in one client script and one server script, and is not controlled by player movements, but by manipulating the camera. I'm planning on integrating Juppi's freecam script to do that. Objects can be manipulated with certain keybinds.

The picture at the bottom of this post is just the GUI. Nothing is synced up yet. However, I'm welcome to suggestions or concerns. One thing that's definitely being changed is that the editboxes are going to be removed. The buttons will be there, and then using them will open up a GUI window for input. This is because of a bug that prevents them from sharing focus.

tl;dr look a mapping tool

13  Liberty Unleashed / Suggestions / Sound.Volume on: October 27, 2011, 09:02:07 pm
Very simply, add an option to change a sound's volume. Valid settings would be between 0 and 100.
14  Liberty Unleashed / Suggestions / onClientMove / Client-Side onPlayerMove on: October 27, 2011, 09:01:26 pm
Keeping player movement events on the server side causes server lag. There are some things that might be better off being done client-side, so my idea is to add a client-side player movement event. Since it's done by the client, the issue of lag is more minimal.
15  Liberty Unleashed / Suggestions / player.StopAnim on: October 05, 2011, 10:22:34 pm
Liberty Unleashed has no proper StopAnim function for players. The only way to stop an animation without a potential crash would be to have the player use WASD or fire, which can be troublesome for certain scenarios.
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