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About Squirrel modules
« on: October 25, 2010, 07:24:10 pm »
Modules are Squirrel extensions written in C or C++. With modules you can add your own functions, constants and events to Squirrel scripts. More info about modules on the wiki page.

NOTE: This is NOT a C/C++ help forum. If you don't know how to code in C/C++ there are loads of tutorials around, so use Google.

Creating your own modules

Liberty Unleashed offers you a C SDK to write your own C/C++ modules for Squirrel. The module SDK is available from here.

If you have a module you wish to release for public, post a topic for it on this board. You must provide the source code with the module, otherwise your module will be removed.

Official modules

This is a list of official modules shipped with the Liberty Unleashed server:

  • lu_ini - Provides functions to read/modify .ini files
  • lu_hashing - Functions to calculate MD5 or SHA1 checksums for strings
  • lu_sqlite - SQLite functions for creating, querying and modifying SQLite databases
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