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LU Masterlist Update
« on: December 17, 2023, 09:28:32 am »
An important announcement regarding LU masterlist

Few days back, a well known toxic community member (Aeoris) has came back to spoil the fun of the game by crashing
innocent servers aswell as ddosing the official LU masterlist, therefore I am releasing this version of LU browser
that contains a Anti-DDoS hosted custom masterlist on ovh servers.

Download link:

The file does not contain any viruses [Only thing been done is modified the matserlist URL via HxD]
Installation: Just replace LU.exe in your GTA III Directory.

Message to developers: I still would like to purchase LU source code and continue working on this mod even if the code
looks really messy. It's just sad the mod being abandoned by lack of updates and I would love to contribute to the community

We also recommend you to join the LU Discord server located at
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