Author Topic: [Official] Basemode 1.1 Server [LU-DM TEAM]  (Read 2975 times)


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[Official] Basemode 1.1 Server [LU-DM TEAM]
« on: January 24, 2019, 02:58:43 pm »
The official server with my Basemode (attack and defence) gamemode! The server is running most up to date Basemode (check here!) with unreleased patches and fixes.

The accounts and statistics are ready for tests!

The gamemode contains:

- complete AAD logic (timeout, killed all players, picked up the base, draws),
- 20 unique bases,
- 1 spawn for attackers,
- 1 closed lobby,
- well balanced weapons system to make every weapons useful, to avoid shotgun only fights or M16. Every weapon is powerful here and has it pros and cons,
- only attackers can enter vehicles and this is a basic the idea of AAD,
- player commands: /help, /info, /kill, /t - teamchat, /switch
- a teamchat on "Y" key,
- F1 help menu.,
- accounts and statistics system.


1.1 beta (WIP, unreleased):
- accounts and statistics!
- bugfixes
- added FBI and Cop car on the attackers spawn
- added some new team messages

1.0 Final (WIP, unreleased):
- fixed fast messages [1-6 binds] spamming when teamchat open
- fixed anti-afk killing defenders
- fixed teamchat on [Enter] key and added new messages ("Go, go, go!" and "Roger that!")
- fixed "mission passed" song in some cases
- added "empty" weapons slots
- added sound on player join
- fixed radio not being played in cars
- fixed /kill, which now forces spawnscreen instead of killing
- fixed script reloading (no need to reconnect anymore)
- redone /switch to force spawnscreen
- added F1 - help menu

Name: [Official] Basemode 1.1 Server [LU-DM TEAM]
Slots: 32
Gamemode: Basemode (AAD)
Script author: Stoku
Server owners: LU-DM Team
Official LU release topic:,3034.msg15404.html#msg15404
My GitHub:


Big thanks to:
- NC (testing and help)
- Gudio (testing, help and hosting)
- Mr. Sych (my best friend forever, also tester)
- Piterus (testing)
- rww (testing)
- Xenon (testing and hosting)
- Jabu (hosting beta server and testing)
- LU-DM Team for help with tests and hosting
- Liberty City Killers clan :)
and everyone which I've forgot - feel free to remind me!
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