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WebNet Host
« on: June 11, 2018, 03:58:46 pm »

I would like to announce the official release of the FREE hosting company WebNet Official. We are offering free and paid Gaming Server & Website Hosting. We utilize top quality equipment to provide you premium services and premium support. We provide support options which include a support forum, live support chat, and support tickets so we can assist you in every way possible.
We have (D)DOS Protected Servers, You do not have to worry about (D)DoS attacks. Our services are fully protected against (D)DoS attacks! We are a professional company looking to expand hosting services and allowing those who cannot afford to host to be able to host websites & game servers. We provide 24/7 support including free hosted server ( according to the plan ).Our staff includes MEGAMIND (me-myself), Deathmaster, Native, BlackDeath, and Respective [Staff Members].

The Vps Server are located at France, Africa & Singapore.

For more information regarding our services and to get a free or paid hosting service now, please visit our official website: or Click Host

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