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Motley's base script
« on: November 11, 2017, 12:46:45 am »
I was plundering on a method to be able to return as a server owner.
I knew there were releases but nothing like what I wanted..

I have taken the time to re code this server at least seven different times trying to find methods that everyone will understand, from someone new. To even someone who knows what there doing.

What's so special about this release? Nothing! It's just a starter, It's easy to read and easy to understand. It's ready for someone to pick up and start adding to it!

The server uses the INI file system as well hashes.

Players do not have accounts in this release but Administrators do.

The server as stated uses hashes! The hashes were used for a write invalid command script I shared in the past, And it also uses Theremins save location, go to location system.

This server based off of MessAbout server. Kuddos to that small iconic release, I felt like a touch of messabout in this server would of been an interesting starter.

The server is ready to go only one issue..
Everything is being released except for what I am aloud to. the server executable is missing, as well modules etc. I replaced what I am not aloud to release with text files. So anyone new etc can find them and just replace them. easy, at least I thought it would be helpful!

Also to be an admin just remove my name in the ini file with your name, you need to not have any uppercases in your saved name. You can use upercases in game just not in the save file "Fix for clan tags breaking ini".

once you do that you can now you the register command /register [password]

Initial release

Open source beta server 0.1

If you find any bugs please report them
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Re: Motley's base script
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2017, 01:06:09 pm »
Ooooh nice script! Hope to see more scripts coming!


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Re: Motley's base script
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2017, 01:55:46 pm »
Awe thanks buddy, I intend to release this source a few more times before I stop and focus on more of being a server owner.

I noticed on player join in the server.nut I accidentally left

Code: [Select]
function onPlayerJoin( pPlayer )

WriteIniBool(ADMIN_LOCATION + "Accounts/Admin.ini", pPlayer.Name.tolower(), "Access", true);

MessagePlayer( "Welcome to the server nablet! Hope you enjoy the release!", pPlayer, BRIGHT_WHITE );
MessagePlayer( "/heal /armour /wep /skin /mypos /window /pm /airport /flip /fix", pPlayer, GOLD_YELLOW );


The WriteIniBool needs to be removed or any players joining the server will be allowed to register as a administrator. I will get around to fixing that.

The servers next objective might be a way to see any in game scores like kills. As well making Vehicle alarms manually. Even if someone extracts it, that will make LU fun :D.


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