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You should see this
« on: July 28, 2017, 08:19:37 pm »
The fake Aeoris, Kewun he says he is me, Aeoris ;)

Quote from: xAeoris
Crime City


Max Players: 16

Owner: XaMaX ( A.K.A Arkhanths )

Join us now for a fun gaming experience!

Warning: There is a fake copy of our server, with ip, so please evade that server, and join our realistic server. The staff has been notified about that fake server.

Also, someone with username @Aeoris created a fake account of mine, i dont know who is it, probably Svenko, lets report the user for stealing name.

I am the real Aeoris. I can even prove it, if admins need any information.

Now, see the IP
Why do you make a server with a pornhub link with your "name" Aeoris? :)

The fake Crime City / Streets, see the IP, it's the same

Now the official one, see the IP

In the fake Crime City / Streets server, you say it's "your code", made by XaMaX, Arkhanths, Aeoris.
So why we see Kewun name in /donation ? :D


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