Author Topic: Gta 3 Lu Multipayer Guide  (Read 2399 times)

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Gta 3 Lu Multipayer Guide
« on: June 19, 2017, 04:11:06 am »
Hi guyyz i wanted to share my software with u
it is called as GTA 3-LU MULTIPLAYER GUIDE
it makes LU more easy to acces.......
sorry for less description when u will download it u can have its benefits
 heres the pic

download link:watch tutorial on how to use  GTA 3-LU MULTIPLAYER GUIDE

Note: the 2nd option (open client browser) will only work if ur destination is like this C:\GTA 3\lu.exe

+it plays a  theme song too if ur game is present in local drive C:

One more important Note: if ur antivirus detects it like a virus so it will be a false positive alarm downt worry its not a virus...
it has been tested through many antivirus programs mostly did not detected it like a virus just avg does idk why?
maube avg is not updated :p....

so plzz enjoy...

i would be very sorry to Developers of lu if they mind my work i was just being freindly so that lu can get more excellent....
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