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Deathmatch Server
« on: December 14, 2016, 01:39:06 pm »
I've created this server quite a while ago, it started off with just a kill message and a shotgun for you when you spawn, over a few weeks, I've added quite a lot of features into this server( from 10 lines to 1000+ lines :3). The thing is I'm still looking for a free host in Singapore only( because i need to get revenge on European servers which give me 300 ping :( ), so meanwhile I'll only be hosting the server by port forwarding, my IP address isn't static, so no point putting it here.

Server Name : KEEEEEEELLLLLLL( until i figure out a better name )
Server Port : 2369 (never going to change it)
Current version: 1.05b
Owner : ARSEnic (if you haven't figured it out)
Gamemode : Deathmatch
Uptime : Usually at night, sometimes in the afternoon, basically whenever I'm online (GMT+8)

-Score based kill system
-Admin system
-Vehicle status counter (,2731.msg14221/topicseen.html#new )
-Anti spam

Changelog :
Rules :

let me know in the forums if there are any bugs
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