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Liberty Unleashed Issues List
« on: August 17, 2016, 06:43:48 pm »
Since this topic is outdated and this one is a copy of the first one and even Mantis has as the latest, I decided to make a new list updated and most clear possible.

- -
  • [Server] Player.Spawn(); calls twice onPlayerSpawn event
  • [Server] GetHandlingCheat doesn't return right values sometimes - seems like there's just array with booleans, which LU doesn't clean on player leaving
  • [Server] IsMouseCursorShowing, same as GetHandlingCheat
  • [Server] Pickup.Pos is read-only, can't be settable
  • [Server] onPlayerArmourChange and onPlayerHealthChange doesn't get called when you set the armour or the health (Possible solution: call the event manually)
  • [Client] Player gets crashed when there is GUI stuff and does /reconnect (Possible solution: GUI memory free)
  • [Client] Player.Train always returns true value
  • [Client] Pickup doesn't respawn after >330 times (video)
  • [Client] Player.Angle is read-only
  • [Client] Multiple Player.SetAnim can crash the players
  • [Client] Memory check timeout (Possible solution: update RakNet to latest version)
  • [Client] Player in vehicle with Uzi and ammo 0 can kill players
  • [Client] GetHUDItemEnabled just returns always one value
  • [Client] VectorScreen returns just 'x' value
  • [Client] Vehicle.Collidable makes the vehicle bigger and bigger when you are driving
  • [Client] Spheres become invisibles around 35-40 when the player exits and joins again
  • [Client] Player name being showed without no colors after setting it with Player.ColouredName
  • [Client] Object.VirtualWorld isn't being updated
  • [Client] After setting many times the handling for a vehicle it can't be updated anymore
  • [Client] Players get stuck in the player jump status when they are jumping and gets disconnected (Possible solution: set back the player status to 0)
  • [Client] When a player is jumping and his skin gets changed his player status gets stuck (Possible solution: set back the player status to 0)
  • [Client] When the player spawns and his player wanted level is more than 1, it gets resetted to 0 (Possible solution: set back again the wanted level when he spawns)
  • [Client] Objects crashes: first, second
  • [Client] Player.Marker sets to XYZ 0, 0, 0 when it's your marker and you can see it there
  • [Client] Player.Alpha doesn't work with Claude
  • [Sync] Player.Colour (marker blip) doesn't get updated sometimes until you are near from the player
  • [Sync] When someone is laggy (with high ping or low fps) and he's killed sometimes with vehicle appears like having 100 HP
  • [Sync] Sometimes when the player is on the ground and was hitted by a shotgun is invisible
  • [Sync] When there are many CallClientFunc or CallServerFunc happens randomly packet loss
  • [Sync] Rocket Launcher with 1 rocket sometimes isn't synced

- -
  • [Sync] Random colours of vehicles are sometimes desynced - proven by [WS]Teddy - Unknown
  • [Sync] When a player is driving a vehicle and is tp'ed is invisible (sometimes) - Unsolved / achnowledged
  • [Client/Server] Colour class returns .g, .b with .r value - Unsolved
  • [Client/Server] Player.WeaponAmmo doesn't update every shot, but only on weapon change - Unsolved
  • [Server] LU doesn't load custom LU/data/weapons.dat - Unsolved
  • [Server] GetHUDItemEnabled doesn't return right bool - Unknown
  • [Client] Game crashes with modded cars (Infernus and cheetah mainly with a custom dff) - Unsolved
  • [Client] Objects disappears on explosions or reconnect. - Unsolved
  • [Client] Starting chat typing 'T' and pressing TAB is causing a crash. - Solved
  • [Client] LUID is using HDD serial number which can be easily spoofed. - Solved
  • [Client]  BF Injection when respawns has a invisible door. - Solved

Feature requests:
  • [Browser] Option: set resolution
  • [Browser] Remove GTA:VC directory
  • [Server/Client] New Player.Marker param to show someones marker only for team or Blip.AttachToEntity
  • [Server/Client] Scripted scoreboard
  • [Server/Client] SetPlayerWeather/SetPlayerTime
  • [Server/Client] Set Player.RemoveFromVehicle position
  • [Server/Client] onPlayerWeaponShoot(player, weapon, position)
  • [Server/Client] SetWastedSettings(time, rgb)
  • [Server/Client] PlayFrontEndTrack(player, sfx filename)
  • [Server] Custom weapon settings for a single player
  • [Server] Custom timecyc.dat
  • [Server] Part reason: PARTREASON_RECONNECT
  • [Server] Vehicle.GetEngineState
  • [Server] XmlDocument.Close
  • [Server] Attach object to player/vehicle
  • [Client] Player.RemoveFromVehicle
  • [Client] Vehicle.TaxiLight
  • [Client] Attach player camera to a object/vehicle
  • [Client] Check client files before connect
  • [Client] BASS library functions
  • [Client] Fast spawn
  • [Client] onPlayerPause(player, bool status)
  • [Client] Sound.Loop
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