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[Death-Match Expectations]
« on: July 10, 2016, 06:40:35 pm »
This Topic will be reserved for future servers, As well current Death-match servers.

So this topic could use a player base feed back.

What are your expectations of a Death-match server?

I will list a few randomly, Some do not apply there just there.

Every scripter typically builds a great death-match before making there server RPG like.

* Saving cash
* Saving Kills, Deaths, hopefully a KD ratio as well.
* Either a Pay and spray or /fix car commands, Car color commands.
* Hopefully some type of pickups after a player died, Ranging from weapons to cash
* Possibilities of a bank, “some reason the player base loves banks”.
* “NO” empty radar, It's nice when you join a Death-match and you see icons on the radar.
* 8 ball bombing a car, either within a command or  a shop.
* Adding cleo.dll to the anticheat.uac “This blocks the main file for cleo users from being able to join”
* Position saving, “It's a death match but players love to return as if they never left”.


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