Author Topic: Question on some of my server thoughts For my actual server  (Read 3416 times)


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Question on some of my server thoughts For my actual server
« on: November 23, 2015, 09:24:28 pm »

I don’t know how to start this so I will start randomly

I want to know what my possibilities’ on the following are;
I want to have me server to where I can have it connected to a website to where I  can create such things as.. Purchase Vehicle Upgrades that are detected threw The Handling.cfg file .

Im An old time Modder and Im Very good with perfect handling and super fast cars being able to do the Math and recreate the handling From Scratch and keep the feel the same style as defaults.

Also I want to be able to Have my server where you have to download a mod. The mod will be released sometime before the server is Released. The mod will allow you to have custom bridges possible Etc. Real Normal Country Life Ground threw out the ghost town area. Also a mod because that’s to much script Data = horrible connection speed and much more but the mod im not to crazy about. I want to unlock the insides of all buildings eventually.

I also want to have it to where when you import solid Textures That are similar to sims game play, I want to create it to where if you want custom textures for your house, Garage, any of that then you can buy From the website and upload in a build mode. But others might not see it i dont know yet.. Just like different Claude skins

I want to add a Sims feel with a purchase option. Soon I want to Write my own Fuel Script.. I want to also create silly games of build mode in first person. Prison, Community Service. Once certain style of pedestrians are created I want to create probation officers with The game mod i will create for maybe a special skin. In some how or fashion,. That will monitor your actions threw out the city threw the police.

Also Want To Write the Firefighters’ as well.
Possible script texture you will have to repair in the city on community service that you caused chaos in and destroyed. Kinda like how textures fall apart in GTA SA

I want to make this the GTA III Fantacy/Sims Package. Races . Dodo’s dropping packages in the Water. Boat drivers picking these up, both are jobs and Criminal activities.

You can go inside the Police Department and Report a Player to the Police department on certain behaviors and they will go after the Id if the player has stars. Or if the kill script is logged for this player with in the last 5 minutes is active.

I know a lot of this is not possible until an update but that’s why this server may have to Be a 5 year project. I have to keep changing stuff due to my knowledge of scripting and capabilities, I will go simple to the above until the impossible is left. There is Other Things id rather not put out there do to someone might steal all of my ideas


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