Author Topic: Everlasting loading server data  (Read 915 times)


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Everlasting loading server data
« on: June 17, 2015, 03:37:51 pm »

Loading server files gets stuck in the middle of the process, exactly when receiving handling files and always in the same bit. Scoreboard, pings and chat almost always aren't updating, almost always because once I was able to read the chat and to type in it as well and despite the fact I could actually see my messages appear in chat, others player couldn't. I know this because we did some tests with the server owner and no, it's not a problem on his side, because other players could join the server normally. I'm also sure it's neither a problem on my end because:
  • I was able to play on his server normally until yesterday
  • It happens only on his server
  • Another player just reported the same problem with another server:
When I try enter the server shows this error on loading : A CRC check on your client timed out
Shows this error on receivivng vehicles
error is only on this server
after few minutes shows a crc check in your client timed out error
I haven't got a mod this is original files
Exactly the same thing happens to me. Note: I play LU on a daily basis, I have mods in a different GTA III Folder so it's not about mods before anybody tells me this. If you need a better understanding about what happens, just refer to the video this guy posted, as it shows the same thing which happens to me. Resuming: I'm able to connect, not to join.


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