Author Topic: [Read First] How To Create A Support Topic  (Read 2781 times)


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[Read First] How To Create A Support Topic
« on: April 06, 2013, 11:14:32 pm »
How To Create A Support Topic

Have a problem running or using Liberty Unleashed? Well, you came to the right place! Before you get started with your help request, there are a couple things you need to be aware of first.

Getting Started:
  • Is your topic a support request, or a bug report? If it's a support request, you can post it in this board. If it is a bug report, please post it here:,9.0.html
    Or here:
  • Is your topic related to getting support in LU itself, or is it script-related? If it is script-related, please use this board:,17.0.html
  • Is your topic regarding a feature you want to see? If so, post that here instead:,8.0.html
  • Does your support topic, or replies to someone else's, include piracy, illegal downloads, or information on cracking GTA III? If so, do not reply. Piracy in all forms is not allowed in this community and it's respective forum. PM'ing or posting pirated material can and will get you banned, and your topic removed.

    If it is something illegal, we cannot and will not support it.
  • Has your topic already been answered elsewhere? Please take a moment to do a forum search. Your issue may have already been addressed in another topic. If not, feel free to post a new one! If it has been addressed and the topic is closed, and you cannot find an open discussion regarding your issue, (or if you still have an issue after trying the fixes mentioned), then feel free to post a new topic in this board.

Additional Notes:
  • Make sure your topic title is relevant to your problem. Posting "I need help", "LU", or "This mod sucks!" will not help us resolve your problem, and we may even ignore or remove it if you do.
  • Make sure to follow all forum rules. Flaming, provoking, and as always, posting illegal content is not allowed.
  • Make sure to give a detailed description of your problem. If you don't, we cannot help you. If you can provide images or video to help us understand your situation, please include it. Error messages and crash dumps can also be very helpful.
  • This mod is called "Liberty Unleashed", or "LU" for short. It is not called LU:MP, LU-MP, GTA:LU, GTA-LU, or anything other than the official names.

    Please use the correct one!
  • Did you already resolve your issue? Please let us know!

    We want to be able to keep our support board clean, and resolve all issues users have, so please be sure to tell us if you found a solution to your problem, or if a solution given to you worked.


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