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Your FanFics
« on: November 30, 2007, 01:10:26 pm »
Here you can post stories that you thinked up your self. I think I'll think up some GTA story when I have some time but for now I can post only this.

The ghosts' house

Yugi and her children Harry and Potter lived in a big house, near Hoguarts - the school for dorks. The house was always dark because the family never paid any electricity bills.
One night Yugi heared a gun bangs, coming from the toilet. Yugi fast claimbed up stairs and opened the door of the toilet and saw Harry inside. She said "Harry, did you played with the gun again?! I told you that the rest of the family, the cockroaches, is living here! You could hurt someone!". Then Harry replyed "But mummy *;-)* I wasn't playing! I have a diarrhoea again and this time it's so strong that it blewed the toilet and killed all the cockroaches! I'm sorry!". Yugi killed Harry.
The next night Potter didn't want to sleep. He was thinking abou his brother Harry. "Mummy, do you think that in the Other world there will be enought spare toilets for Harry? He always blewed up our toilets when he was alive." Yugi replyed "Stop talking about your brother or I'll call Frankenstein, who eats human brains!". Then Potter said that he isn't afraid of Frankenstein, but his mom showed him a mirror. Then a deafening scream made everyone freeze momentaly.

*We interupt this program to show you some ads!*
If you don't want to end up like Harry, drink AntiDiarrhoea! Only 50$ for a pill. AntiDiarrhoea - protecting your live! CAUTION - The product is made in China and any unusually effects are possible! Use it at your own risk!
*We are back to the movie!*

Petter saw something terible in the mirror! It was a green creature that copied every movement he does! When he saw the scary creature in the mirror, Potter died immediatly! Then Yugi was very happy, because she got rid of those pests. But that didn't help! The ghost of Harry said that he will never leave the house, until he "detonate" 10000000000000000000 more toilets and Potter's ghost screamed every time when he look in the mirror! In the top of that Yugi wasn't able to die and rest in peace because she was a mummy. The family lived very "happy" until the End of the World came!

Happy end!

I thinked it up when my english teacher said that for home work we must think up a ghost story. Everyone wrote a real ghost story but I was the only 1 that wrote a horror-comedy.

Now post some of your FanFics! I think it would be cool!


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