Author Topic: Some standard rules...  (Read 5683 times)


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Some standard rules...
« on: October 31, 2007, 05:45:13 pm »
Thought it may be time to throw up some rules for some people to follow.
Dont worry, we're not going to get all 'You said TIT so now your banned' on you. But might aswell have some guidelines

  • Please do not ask for a release date, estimated release date, public test date or date of your own death - Pretty straight forward really... If i knew when it was gonna be ready i'd tell you! Its just starting to annoy me with people asking me every 5 minutes  >:(
  • Please dont ask to be a tester or help in coding - The support and will to help is appreciated but if any testers or coders are required, i will ask for them
  • Dont spam (unless its in the spam board) - Writing penis 5000 times in a thread may seem funny, but you'll just end up in the ban list so... dont do it :)
  • Please dont ask for illegal stuff - Including, but not limited to, No-CD cracks, a Download link to GTA3 and any other forms of warez. We do not support it, so you won't get any help from us. Posting links to material mentioned above is also forbidden.
  • Dont ask for cheats/hacks for anything - Cheating is bad, Using something to give you advantage over another is bad, Using cheats in a multiplayer game is just dam right lame. So dont ask!
  • Try not to double post - Ok the occasional accidental double post is fine, but double posting makes the forum messy. Theres a 'modify' button there for a reason
  • Please use the search feature if you have a question - The search button is a pretty handy thing to have, Please use it otherwise people may get annoyed with thousands of topics asking the same question
  • Please try to respect other members - Ok, somebody may be a complete and utter arsehole but try keeping it to yourself or take it elsewhere. We dont want threads turning from something simple to a big argument. Save it for the game ladies!
  • Script and module releases on these forums MUST have all source code with them - A release without source code does not benefit the community much, not to mention the possible security threats caused by binary only releases
  • The moderator is (nearly) always right - If your banned, your banned! Get over it! There must have been a good reason to be banned since the mods here arn't ban happy monkies

Ermm i think thats standard rules. Please use them as guidelines even though most are plain common sence :)
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Re: Some standard rules...
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2013, 11:49:44 pm »
I think this needs a bump for attention, because some people on the forum lately aren't getting the hint.



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