Author Topic: they should add support for....  (Read 1822 times)


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they should add support for....
« on: July 09, 2012, 09:51:26 pm »
realgta3, shouldn't they? :) Since it doesn't work with it because weapon.dat is modified.  >:( In the next version, support should be added :D any realgta3 gamers agree? :D


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Re: they should add support for....
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2012, 10:06:30 pm »
It is possible :) you would need to create/edit the anti-cheat file in the servers LU directory (LU/Anticheat.uac) then add the RealGTA data files to LU/Data keeping the same directory structure as Grand Theft Auto 3, doing this would allow the a modded RealGTA client to pass the Anti-cheat checks and join the server (would stop non-modded clients though).

I actually still have the required files uploaded here (extract that to the servers LU directory) only downside at the moment is every client would have to manually install RealGTA from the RealGTA website.

Small (old) video of me and VRocker playing RealGTA

Liberty Unleashed Anticheat Test

- AdTec_224


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