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About Liberty Unleashed
« on: July 21, 2007, 07:27:51 pm »
Liberty Unleashed is a free online multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto 3.

Its main goals are to provide players with a great multiplayer experience. Liberty Unleashed will does this by giving users pretty much anything that they want out of a GTA3 Multiplayer.

This includes:
  • Custom Vehicle Placements
  • Custom Object Placements
  • Custom Pickup Placements
  • Custom Spawn Points
  • A range of options to modify game related things (Such as time, Weather, Gravity)
  • Both Client-side and Server-side Scripting giving a huge ammount of control over the game and players

Liberty Unleashed uses the following 3rd party libraries:

Note: Liberty Unleashed requires GTA3 v1.1
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